SenseMaker® for Social Good

Illuminate paths forward on some of our most daunting challenges

Working together on some of the world's biggest challenges

Giving voice and agency to citizens around the world, with opportunities to engage and act, will help to illuminate paths forward on some of our most daunting challenges.

Engaging in real life projects on real world issues like climate change and homelessness, SenseMaker® offers a platform where minority groups are heard and empowered, where new ideas are made accessible at every level, and global policy creation can be enhanced. All with the philanthropic desire to promote human togetherness, human betterment, and social good.

Impact measurement

Rather than using statistical averages as a baseline to measure change, communities are able to establish their own specific targets. The individual progression of each community can be measured and evaluated on a case-by-case basis, eliminating the need for unrealistic goals, enhancing local policy-creation, and making sure impact is felt where it is needed the most.

Engagement in problem solving

The ability to share learning, innovation, and experience is essential for policy to develop and for communities to progress. Rather than simply transferring successful interventions from one community to another, SenseMaker® encourages serendipitous innovation and the evolution and adaptation of ideas through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Where every voice is heard

By encouraging a sensor network that is community-driven and holistic, SenseMaker® represents the voices of the individuals within a community rather than the voices of a few arbitrarily selected leaders.

Reducing corruption

By using open-ended and indirect questions, SenseMaker® provides a un-gameable platform where corruption is made more problematic and is easier to spot. By initiating a “small investments into big buckets” philosophy, resources can be dynamically reallocated according to need and impact.

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