SenseMaker® for COVID-19

An anthro-complexity approach to a pandemic

Using SenseMaker® to navigate the current pandemic

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that is sweeping the globe, the Cynefin Centre and Cognitive Edge have designed unique offerings that will help provide actionable insights to business and government leaders of the experiences and needs of their employees and citizens. In addition, we are creating narrative-based repositories of learning through the crisis. We have created special signifier frameworks where we aim to explore the pandemic through four meta-perspectives: (1) individuals (the public, employees, leaders), (2) the health sector, and, (3) governments and (4) business.
By collecting real-life stories on the ground, SenseMaker® can be used to create a narrative-based repository of learning through the crisis. From symptom development, to stories of recovery, our method can help illuminate novel learnings and discoveries, monitor the efficacy of interventions, and glean a clearer understanding of what is really going on – to minimize the impact in the present, and prevent damage in the future.
Nothing happens in isolation. SenseMaker® helps us unravel the complex dynamics of actions so we can monitor the unintended consequences of policies and interventions.  How will remote working affect the economy? How will isolation affect mental health? By being better informed about the consequences we can work to amplify the good, and remove the bad.
By collecting high volumes of data quickly, SenseMaker® helps us map the cultural landscape effectively so we can see the warning signs early and intervene before it is too late.

Resilience and Wellbeing

Adapting to the reality of COVID-19 is taking an emotional toll on people. The unintended consequences of the social distancing required to flatten the curve are already impacting on the wellbeing of people who might not be used to working in distributed environments. This will be compounded by worries about job security and managing and balancing between self-care, family-care and work without traditional boundaries and routines. What can leaders and HR departments do to provide the support necessary for their employees and team members through these times?

Our Resilience and Wellbeing Pulses provide a platform through which you can extend a listening ear to your people. It enables them to journal and share experiences as they navigate these new uncertainties. Whilst the sharing is in and of itself cathartic, the stories will also provide us with a way to respond with empathy. Sharing these stories across teams will also create a repository of shared experience, and help people recognize that they are not alone in their uncertainty.

We facilitate sense-making in times of crisis

With SenseMaker®’s proven capabilities we can launch initiatives using our tools across for specific crisis response needs.