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Raven Conversations - Complexity, Chaos & COVID-19

Webinar recordings: 16 April 2020

In keeping with the format we have been following for our Cynefin Retreats, we are doing a virtual version of Dave’s Tricopticon method.

The process works broadly as follows:

(1) Academics have a conversation about a particular topic, with practitioners (or Ravens) listening in on their conversation. Click here to listen to the webinar, and read Sonja Blignaut’s reflections here.

(2) The Ravens then come together to reflect on what they heard and how they might apply the thinking, with the academics listening in.

(3) The Academics reconvene to reflect on how the practitioners interpreted their ideas.

The whole process is designed to integrate and build a theory-informed practice base.

We have scheduled two Raven Conversations with a diverse group of some of our most experienced international practitioners. To cater for different time zones, we have scheduled them ten hours apart.



We are making these Webinars and recordings available free of charge to our Premium Members, and in order to help cover costs, we are charging a minimal fee of $9 to non-members.


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