SenseMaker® for Business during times of crisis

Sense-making for COVID-19 and beyond

By collecting real, unfiltered experiences on the ground, SenseMaker® can be used to create a narrative-based repository of insights and learning through a crisis.

From providing HR and leadership with stories that help them keep their finger on the emotional pulse of their organisation, to illuminating novel learnings, discoveries and the opportunities for innovation, SenseMaker® helps glean a clearer understanding of what is really going on to minimize the impact and find the evolutionary potential in the present, and help shape the future.

Resilience & Wellbeing

Adapting to the reality of COVID-19 is taking an emotional toll on people. The unintended consequences of the social distancing required to flatten the curve is already impacting the wellbeing of people who might not be used to working in distributed environments. This is compounded by worries about job security and managing and balancing between self-care, family-care and work without traditional boundaries and routines.

What can leaders and HR departments do to provide the support necessary for their employees and team members through these times?

Our Resilience and Wellbeing Pulses provide a platform through which you can extend a listening ear to your people. These Pulses enable your employees and community to journal and share experiences as they navigate these new uncertainties. Whilst the sharing is in and of itself cathartic, the stories will also provide us with a way to respond with empathy. Sharing these stories across teams will also create a repository of shared experience, and help people recognize that they are not alone in their uncertainty.

Transcending the Crisis

These are unprecedented times, and managing through them will require us to develop new strategies. As Churchill famously mused, “never waste a good crisis”. With massive disruptions also come opportunities for learning, innovation and reimagining the future of your business.

Every one of us is involved in navigating this new normal, and scanning the horizon for new ways of working. This collective experience, if properly harnessed, will create a rich body of data to improve how we can make decisions about navigating the future.

This collection of offerings is focused on helping organisations to manage through uncertainty by providing platforms to harness this new knowledge and experiences, and incorporate a diversity of perspectives which can contribute to the robustness and resilience of your organisation’s strategy for the new normal.

Our existing maps and plans no longer work. This is an opportunity to chart new pathways, and to identify opportunities that could be transcendental.