SenseMaker® for COVID-19

An anthro-complexity approach to a pandemic

Using SenseMaker® to navigate the current pandemic

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that is sweeping the globe, Cognitive Edge and the Cynefin Centre have designed unique ready-to-use offerings that will help provide leaders and decision-makers across all industries with actionable insights based on the real experiences and needs of their employees, customers, communities and citizens.

Time is of the essence, so instead of offering a simple platform that still needs to customised, we have worked with existing clients to create proven offerings that add real-world value. If you would like to see examples of the insight you could gain from these, have a look on pg 76 of this report.

A view from the workbench of the Stories that Matter Wellbeing Pulse.
Please note this is test data that was gathered while testing the instrument.
By collecting high volumes of data quickly, SenseMaker® helps us map the narrative landscape, be it risk, culture or innovation, so we can see early signals of change and work to amplify what is beneficial, and disrupt negative patterns in time.

There isn’t much we can be certain of, except that COVID-19 is not the last crisis we will face. We urgently need to learn from this pandemic in order to withstand future such events and the wider threat of Global Warming. This is an opportunity not only to better manage the current crisis but also to create resilient business, social and political structures and practices that will enable us to create a better and more humane world.

Please note:

Some of the programmes listed are collaborative and based on membership, others are stand-alone projects you can run individually. There is considerable scope for cross-sector collaboration and we are developing multiple partnerships, so if your organisation is interested in that aspect please get in touch. We are also looking for potential sponsors of some of the non-commercial social good programmes.

All of the Social Good programmes can be made available to Companies and Governments (at all levels) in addition to Not-for-profits, for example the non-commercial family programme could be run within a company (terms and conditions apply).

The site will be updated regularly so check things out when you can. All of the programmes offered have already been, or are being tested with various public bodies details of which are available on request. Everything is adaptable so if you have a particular need, please get in touch.

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Opportunities to participate in open initiatives

There are currently three opportunities available to participate for free.

The global crisis sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic has upturned lives on an unprecedented scale. For the first time in living memory, leaders in every industry and sector are thrown into crisis mode whilst still having to steer their ships for a strategic long term they can hardly even begin to imagine.

The Cynefin Centre, in collaboration with UNDP Innovation, are coalescing their best, good, emergent and novel practices from the past more than 10 years. Through this study we would like to focus on the implications of the current crisis on emerging new practices, and behaviours and values that drive learning, innovation and work to potentially build a new future.

Times of crisis necessitate radically different thinking. If you’re still interested in participating in this global experiment, you can register by using this form until 8 May 2020.

Click here to read the original invitation and more detail about this experiment.

COVID-19 has rumbled like an earthquake all around the world. Every system from governance to business to leisure, arts, and sport show fault lines from stress. Systems are uncoupling and fragmenting – opening up space for dramatic changes and transformations

On the other side of this pandemic, the world may not be the same. Every country may be technically bankrupt in 3 months. The current form of capitalism may not survive – what might be the future of society in a context where money has become meaningless? What might a complexity-based governance system look like? How might social interactions, manners, and ethics transform? Who might be the winners, and who the losers? What might the new arts of post-COVID society be? The new sports?

Where does your mind take you when you think about the future of society post-COVID-19? What imagined story is gripping your mind about what the world might be like over the next five years?

Share your imagined story or Future of Society micro-scenario. 

Read more about this initiative.


The pressures of this pandemic have burdened our medical professionals and political leaders with harsh choices which are likely to have long- term ramifications.  We invite diverse perspectives from around the globe to share their attitudes towards medical ethics and decision-making.
The study aims to uncover hidden connections between perspectives – especially those of medical experts and citizens – to minimise divisions, stimulate peer-to-peer learning across citizens and hospitals, and help draw our attention to the daily challenges being faced by the professionals looking after us so we can better support them.
Preview the SenseMaker® framework for Mapping Ethical Dilemmas.

Contact us if you are interested to join this initiave.

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