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Many organisations are in a position where COVID-19 containment measures are forcing them to adopt distributed ways of working.  Many people and teams are suddenly asked to work in ways that might be unfamiliar to them, and not completely suited to their work. Working remotely brings opportunities, as well as challenges. For example, whilst there may be an assumption of having more personal time, this soon proves to be an illusion because of the lack of routine and work/life boundaries.  How do we support employees to develop new rituals to create time and space for work, as well as personal wellbeing and family? How can we enable collaboration and help people and teams remain productive, and engaged in a shared flow? How do we help people deal with the seeming overwhelming anxiety of navigating all of the above in the midst of a potentially traumatising pandemic?

 This Pulse is suitable for – 

  • Supporting employees and teams who have had to shift abruptly to distributed work practices.
  • Understanding how to support a sense of cohesion for staff cohorts who may feel “disjointed” by no longer being co-located with their co-workers.
  • Discovering the ways to support the on-going flow of communication and productivity in distributed teams.
  • Crafting new organisational support processes and systems that factor in the challenges and opportunities of this new way of working.
  • Monitoring the wellbeing of staff on an ongoing basis and being able to offer pro-active and targeted support.



  • Gain insight into the enablers and disablers of productivity and engagement across a distributed workforce by working with patterns across large numbers of narratives.
  • Ongoing monitoring of patterns enables proactive response and support before irritations become big challenges.
  • Real-time access to data enables fast response to emerging wellbeing risks.

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