Virtual SenseMaker® Quickstart

$7,500.00 {Excl Tax}


The best way to learn about SenseMaker® is to apply it in context on a real project. We have put together a Virtual Quickstart process, through which you will learn from expert SenseMaker® practitioners, as well as a cohort of peers, whilst working on your own project.

How it works: 

  • Individuals or groups up to three (3) can sign up for the SenseMaker® Quickstart. Have an actual project in mind that you know you have the ability to work on.
  • The Quickstart process goes beyond just training. It allows you to join an 8-week journey and includes SenseMaker® licenses for a 4-week pilot, so that you can work through the rapid iteration of a project of your choosing, and “learn-by-doing”.
  • We will convene on Zoom sessions at regular intervals where you will be taught the basics of designing and running SenseMaker® engagements.  We will cover:
      • Project conceptualisation and collection design
      • The do and don’ts of signifiers, and how to use our signifier library
      • Working with SenseMaker® data: patterns, sense-making, and the development of actionable insights
      • How to engage clients or your organisation in intervention design i.e. moving from data to action (Vector Theory of Change). 

Included in the price is up to 3 seats, access to the live sessions and their recordings, and a SenseMaker® project license for a 4-week pilot.

Learning synthesises best in context, so sign up as a team, or invite your client along on this journey to create a shared learning intervention.


Next cohort: Starting mid/late January 2021 – 3 months


Please let us know if you are interested to learn more about the Virtual SenseMaker® Quickstart, or want to join one of the next cohorts.

We will require acceptance of our Standard Terms of Use and SenseMaker® Software as a Service license agreement before going live with the SenseMaker project.

Download the schedule for the Virtual SenseMaker® Quickstart journey.