Stories that Matter – a SenseMaker® application




Stories that Matter was borne from our desire to give back, and respond to the real needs we are seeing in our broader client and partner networks. We are providing access to this tool at a deep discount to organisations seeking a way to provide continued support to their people, as well as help bolster their resilience.

This is a short tool that lends itself well to journaling, and is suitable for –

  • Providing a listening ear and giving people a space to share their experience, and express their feelings
  • Creating a space for experiences to be shared between colleagues and community
  • Organisations who want to show that they care about the human beings who work for them, and want to provide support in hard times through compassionate and empathetic leadership

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  • Data visualisation enables real-time monitoring of patterns in people’s experiences, enabling proactive response to emerging wellbeing risks.
  • Questions designed with a human focus (vs a productivity focus) enables organisations to build trust with their staff, and to lead with humanity.
  • Capture the spirit of your workforce and acts of empathy and leadership across all levels. What do they value and care about? How do they rise when things get tough? Celebrating these qualities could go a long way to bolster morale in these tough times.

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