FutureScan – Identify adjacent possibilities




We are in uncharted territory, and our existing maps and plans will no longer work.  Instead of making big moves towards a defined future state, we need to identify adjacent possibilities and take small safe-to-fail steps in directions that might offer the most potential. Picture the metaphor of crossing a river on stepping stones. FutureScan is designed to tap into the diversity of perspectives and wisdom that reside in the people around us: our staff, suppliers, partners, experts, so we may collectively identify these possible stepping stones. The more diverse your scanning, the better.

Gather large numbers of micro-scenarios to help decision-makers determine the direction they should set, as well as to locate that next stepping stone.

This is a situational assessment and micro-scenario development tool that is suitable for –

  • Harnessing a diversity of perspectives, and utilising the collective wisdom of your network to assess the current situation to conduct comprehensive scanning before making decisions

  • Organisations looking to benefit from a foresight and futures informed approach of developing micro-scenarios that might result from the current situation

  • Use your network as a wide horizon scanning resource to identify potential areas of threat and opportunity. This allows you to do pre-emptive risk mitigation, and/or early exploitation

  • $2,000 up to 1,000 entries, 4 weeks, standard interactive workbench
Small-Medium Business packs
  • $4,000 up to 1,000 entries, 4 weeks, interactive workbench, and report
  • $5,500 up to 2,500 entries, 4 weeks, interactive workbench, and report
  • $7,500 up to 5,000 entries, 4 weeks, interactive workbench, and report
Includes two customisable MCQ questions
More than 5,000 entries, please contact us for a quote