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Complexity, Chaos and COVID-19 webinar (recording)




The current COVID-19 crisis is an unprecedented situation that challenges any leadership team and their plans going forward. The speed with which remote working has been thrust on organizations, and the complexity surrounding even the simplest tasks, means that leadership – and the decisions they make – are in the spotlight. Yet, historical performance and depth of experience do little to prepare leaders for this level of almost real-time change and uncertainty.

Change is happening everywhere we look. Novel, creative solutions are emerging before our eyes. The challenge facing leaders across the world is two-fold:

– how to nurture and drive the right positive actions to break out of the chaotic space, and
– how to sense novel solutions as they emerge so organizations can grasp and build upon those ideas.

This is the domain of the foremost thinkers in complexity thinking. Join Anne Pendleton-Julian, Alicia Juarrero, Valdis Krebs in conversation with Dave Snowden and Sonja Blignaut for a 90-minute discussion on complexity, chaos and COVID-19.
Listen in on a panel of international thought leaders as they discuss how to navigate the complexity and confusion that has emerged in once-familiar markets and operating environments, as well as the uncertainty and anxiety impacting your staff.

Find out how to take actions that move your organization towards resilience, and how to tap into your organization’s inherent creativity.

Recording from Webinar on 2 April 2020.


We will donate the proceeds from this webinar recording to the COVID-19 emergency appeal of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Operational costs to run this webinar and prepare the recording will be deducted before the donation. The panellists and moderators donated their time.