Narrative Capture to assist with smoking cessation

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Project Description

The Tobacco Reduction Program (TRP) is a core program of the Interior Health’s (IH) Population Health Unit. Research clearly shows that smoking prevention programs and targeted interventions can have a dramatic and positive effect on the health of the population. Modest investments in tobacco reduction strategies have the downstream potential of reducing not only harm to people’s health, but also has the potential to dramatically reduce the costs of health care to our society.

But despite the apparent value of these investments, the TRP continues to struggle to gain widespread buy-in and uptake of tobacco reduction strategies at all levels in IH. Even large, project-based interventions (e.g., pilot projects; intensive training initiatives) tend to have limited long-term effect on overall integration of tobacco reduction practices into standards of practice across disciplines within the health authority.

Narrative Capture is a process that has proven effective in addressing dilemmas such as this one, including within IH itself. Using leading edge methods grounded in complexity theory, and using narrative capture software, the process offers a way of both collecting and then exploring mass quantities of stories in order to identify new patterns and / or weak signals that can have an enormous impact on whole systems. This narrative capture project will create an environment to mirror the experiences and belief systems of various stakeholder groups in order to understand how they perceive tobacco reduction efforts.

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