What if you had a deeper sense of the everyday side conversations of your employees or the street stories of your customers? What if you could see the golden threads running through those conversations? Imagine being able to create experiences and nudges that address real needs … what would happen to staff engagement and customer delight?

What if you could have a map of the perceptions of your employees and customers that showed you exactly what they needed?

Making the invisible VISIBLE

SenseMaker enables us to scale traditional qualitative approaches and tap into the patterns of belief and diverse meanings that inform the everyday stories people tell.  Whether they are the stories around the company water coolers, or the street stories in our cities, SenseMaker’s unique patented methodology help us make sense of thousands of stories in real time.

Decision-makers can mobilize these insights towards real change by creating interventions that are very specific to their context and circumstances.

Get SenseMaker® to discover actionable insights beyond surveys.

More than a decade of experience with harvesting and visualising the patterns underlying narratives to reveal new insights not possible otherwise.